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Robotics Process Automation
Get your children acquainted with the field of engineering and automation with our well-designed robotic courses with AI, ML and chatbot.

Getting Our Kids Ready For Global
Competition With International Collaboration1

All of our brightest students will get an opportunity to share a virtual classroom, learn, and collaborate with future engineers from other parts of the globe in the United States, Europe, Canada and multiple other countries worldwide. This international engagement will help the kids become globally certified, gain technical expertise, get them trained for innovative thinking, and make them confident to face the world challenges. The benefits of Genius Kids Zone do not end there; your kid will be eligible for an internship with our own IT company on completion of their graduation. This will add to their practical and theoretical knowledge a more rounded execution.

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From Playing Games To Building A Robot!

Why Robotics For Kids?

Building a robot makes your kid one of the critical and analytical thinkers of the future!

With more than 15% of the world's jobs already tech-based, moving ahead most of our jobs will work on automation through robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Chatbot. Hence, kids need to get acquainted with technology at a young age.
It's beneficial for a kid's future that their creativity gets honed at its peak, i.e. between 8 and 18.
This will help them embrace technology as their career.

Boosts logical &
analytical skills
problem-solving ability
organizational skills
Leverage technology
to create automation
Bolsters concentration
and creativity

Prepare Your Kids For An Automated Future With
Our Robotic Process Automation Courses

*We will provide you with full refund, no questions asked if you decided that this program is not for your
child with in first 3 sessions.

Our Robotics Experts

Genius Kids Zone boasts of a team of robotics specialists possessing in-depth knowledge about the field of Robotics Process Automation, AI, ML, Chatbot. With over 20 years of experience in Robotic Process Automation, our teaching staff has proven expertise in delivering the technical knowledge to students. Their ability to impart knowledge with a mix of fun, theory, and practice, will influence your children to enjoy science and robotics.


About Genius Kids Zone

There is no ambiguity in the thought that today’s kids shall build the future, and we want these future-builders to be ingenious. However, the current education system is not well-equipped to fill the void between the new-age requirements and our children’s skills. Genius Kids Zone aims to bridge this gap by preparing kids, falling in the age group of 10 to 18 years of age, to improve their analytical skills, logic-building, and in turn, become equipped for the future. Our Robotics Process Automation courses are designed to suit the intellectual capabilities of the kids and their futuristic demands.

What Is Robotics?

People often picture a robot as a human-like figure; on the contrary, it is nothing but a program built from coding and algorithm that makes it perform actions. It is a scientific study branch that helps kids gain control over the machine from an early stage and reduce human effort. Students who are not keen on pursuing engineering as a career but have an analytical and logical mind gain an advantage with our robotics course. Our courses inculcate excitement and enthusiasm for the field of robotic engineering amongst kids.

Why Choose Genius Kids Zone?

Genius Kids Zone provides kids with hands-on experience with Robotics Process Automation and will have them witness their logic and imagination to come to life. We offer Robotics Process Automation training with practical demonstration. With Genius Kids Zone, today’s kids will be able to reduce future human efforts with automation.

Join 100+ Students Worldwide, Certified RPA

Flexible Hours for Sessions Covering All Time Zones

Calculator ROBOT

Calculate any given number, with given operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division etc. by ROBOT

Capital Finder By Country Robot

Provide Country name (England) in Google search text field  and Robot will show you Capital name (i.e. London) for the

Copy & Paste data into Excel file Robot

Copy data from one Excel sheet and paste into another sheet.

Number Comparison ROBOT

Take two numbers from user input and find out if the 1st number is greater or lesser than 2nd number.

Email attachments download Robot

Downloading the attached notes files from an email.

Genius Kids Zone Superstars

Ishan Sedamkar

Age: 13 Years, Class: VII

Bhoomi Yadav

Age: 10 Years, Class: V

Riteish Jain

Age: 12 Years, Class: VII

Sharwar Sonune

Age: 15 Years, Class: IX

Kanak Rade

Age: 10 Years, Class: VI

Farhan Gandhi

Age: 16 Years, Class: XII

Preserve Your Child's Creativity With Genius Kids Zone!

In the NASA study by Land and Beth Jarman, Land tested 5-year-olds to find that 98% of them are creative geniuses. This figure plummeted drastically as the same children grew up.
At Genius Kids Zone, we intend on harnessing children's creativity, safeguard it, and teach them to apply it in Robotics Process Automation. We shall feed our students' curiosity and teach them to apply logic creatively to build robots. These skills will help children to prosper in any career that they choose to chart in their future, software robotics or otherwise.

Good part about Genius Kids Zone was that my kid never took robotics as any other subject. He was completely engrossed in learning to build a robot and has helped his critical thinking and concentration. This will surely help him in his academics. I recommend the same to other parents.

More than building a robot, it’s about building the confidence in yourself that you can build something on your own. I am sure this confidence is going to help my kid’s development in his future career endeavors.

Genius Kids Zone's personalized teaching helped my kid to understand the complexity of Robotics Process Automation in an easy way. The teaching staff are very industrious and are never tired of multiple queries.

I watched how Genius Kids Zone visualized all concepts and helped my kid's learning with conceptual understanding. She now applies the same logical and analytical thinking in her other subjects.

Genius Kids Zone has been a positive experience. Their teaching methods and materials have been nothing but good quality. They understood the weaknesses of my kid and helped him improve on those aspects.

About Us

Genius Kids Zone is an initiative founded by Ruslan Desyatnikov, CEO Qamentor Inc and Swati Gaonkar, founder and Director of Step One Step Ahead. The foundation stone of Genius Kids Zone is cemented by over 23+ years of experience and industry knowledge of our principal founders.

The main focus of our group is to prepare kids, falling in the age group of 8 to 16 years of age, to improve their analytical skills, logic-building, and in turn, become equipped for the future. Our Robotics Process Automation courses are designed to suit the kids’ intellectual capabilities and their futuristic demands.


  • Our mission is to help kids understand Robotics Process Automation and make them work in a collaborative way.
  • We want to ensure that the kids develop their critical and logical thinking in such a way that they consider robots a part of their future and work towards building that skill within themselves too.


Our vision is to become a global, affordable, educational training provider of robotics education with unique training programs designed for kids to advance their logic, critical thinking, attention to detail and be ready to address worldwide challenges with robotics advancements.

Your Kid Will Get An Internship In Our Own IT Companies

Our Robotics Process Automation Industry Awards

10 Most Promising RPA Service Providers 2020 by CIOReviewIndia

Emerging Company Award by Indian Achievers’ Awards

Meet our Robotics Industry Master
Minds Curriculum Creators

Ruslan Desyatnikov

Founder & CEO – QA Mentor Inc. NY

Swati Gaonkar

Co-Founder & Director – STEP One Step Ahead LLC, NY

Our Genius Mentors


Master of Engineering

Rekha R

Master of Technology

Monika Kambali

Master of Engineering 

Archana Chandramouli

Bachelor of Engineering

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